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The dispatcher will ask you details on the shipment, including:

FOR PICK UP - Give the dispatcher your company name, street address and town.

When is your shipment ready - If the goods have been packed, labeled and our bill of lading is filled out then your shipment is ready. To avoid extra costs and delays give yourself plenty of time to prepare your goods. If the goods will be ready around your closing time, the dispatcher will ask you when you will be closing. This will ensure that you will not be waiting unnecessarily for our drivers if problems like heavy traffic conditions prevent us from arriving on time.

How many items are in the shipment - Give the total number of individual items.

How heavy is the shipment - If less than 10 lbs, give to nearest lb. If less than 100 lbs, give to nearest 10 lbs. If greater than 100 lbs, give to nearest 100 lbs.

The size of the shipment - If the consignment is small in size, a simple description like "about shoe-box size" is sufficient. If the consignment is large, then you will need to give the length, width and height. Our dispatchers need to know sizes and weights, so that they can dispatch the closest suitable vehicle for the job. We don't want to send a semi-trailer to pick up an envelope!

Special handling needs - If any goods in the shipment need special handling instructions, for example they are fragile, our drivers must be informed so they can ensure your shipment arrives in perfect condition.

Your name, or the name of a person who knows about the pick-up, and will be available when our driver arrives. If you will be unavailable when our truck arrives, please find someone who will be available and give this persons name to the dispatcher.

Where is the shipment going? - We need to know the receivers full company name and address. You need to write this address IN FULL on the bill of lading.

Contact at destination point - Give the operator the name of the person who is expecting the shipment. If the goods are to be delivered to a storeroom, please ensure that this persons name is written on the bill of lading, and on each pachage.

When does the receiver need the shipment? - This will tell us what type of service will be best suited to your shipment.

Expedited: A driver will be immediately dispatched to you, pick up the goods, and drive directly to the destination.

Special: You indicate exact pick-up time, date, and exact time of delivery. The drivers delivery schedule will be organized so that your shipment is picked up and delivered at the time specified.


Cash Sender: You will pay the driver on arrival.

Cash Receiver: The receiver will pay the driver on delivery.

Your Company: You must have an account, our dispatcher will verify this information.

Receiver: The Receiver must have an account, our dispatcher will verify this information.

We shall not be liable for any damages, whether direct, incidental (for example, alternate carrier transportation costs), consequential (for example, loss of profits or income), or special, whether or not we knew that such damages might be incurred in any manner resulting from misdelivery, failure to deliver or delay in delivery, in excess of: (i) in the case of fundamental breach of the contract of carriage, an amount equal to our maximum liability and the amount of all freight and other charges paid hereunder (ii) in the case of delay, a refund of your transportation charges, and (iii) in any other case, an amount equal to our maximum liability.


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