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Delivery Rates: 

From the West Essex, NJ area  
From the Parsippany, NJ area

  • Rates listed are for 1-2 hour rush service. Orders must be available for pick-up between 8am - 3pm.

  • Same Day Rate - Call By Noon Delivered By 5:00pm - Deduct 20% from the Rush Rate Orders. Ready for pickup after 3pm, add 20% to listed rates. 

  • We shall not be liable for any damages, whether direct, incidental (for example, alternate carrier transportation costs), consequential (for example, loss of profits or income), or special, whether or not we knew that such damages might be incurred in any manner resulting from misdelivery, failure to deliver or delay in delivery, in excess of: (i) in the case of fundamental breach of the contract of carriage, an amount equal to our maximum liability and the amount of all freight and other charges paid hereunder (ii) in the case of delay, a refund of your transportation charges, and (iii) in any other case, an amount equal to our maximum liability.

Other Charges
  • Inside deliveries $1.50 per carton.

  • Above rates are for the first 100 lbs. Additional weight at $5.00 per 100 lbs.

  • Return trip charge is 1/2 of the original delivery charge.

  • Waiting time: The first 15 minutes are free. Each additional 15 minutes $7.50.

Livery Rates:

Click here for all Livery rates.

Airline flight numbers and arrival and departure times are confirmed prior to all airport assignments. Waiting time shall be charged only in the event a flight is pre-checked and the driver arrives at the terminal to find the plane will not arrive as scheduled. The rates will be as follows:

  • 0-30 minutes for domestic flights - no fees applied

  • 31 minutes & after $55.00 per hour, or fraction there of

  • 0-45 minutes for international flights - no fees applied

  • 46 minutes & after $55.00 per hour, or fraction there of


  • Early AM Fee:  4:30am or earlier  $20.00

  • Early AM Fee:  4:31am - 6:00am $15.00

  • Late PM Fee:  11:00pm - 12:29am $15.00

  • Late PM Fee:  12:30am or later $20.00


  • To/From NYC  $9.50

  • To/From JFK  $25.00

  • To/from LGA  $25.00


  • Four door sedan  $55.00


Call our 800# (800-227-9315) to let us know you are ready.  Then proceed outside to your designated meeting location.


  • Inside pick-up  $15.00

  • Piers $7.00


  • Local $15.00-$25.00

  • Otherwise depends on distance

Please note:
There is a minimum of three hours rental time. Starting time is figured as follows: 
Pick-up in Morris County: Time starts from the pickup point.
Pick-up outside Morris County: Time starts from office to office.

HOLIDAYS - (Vehicle availability is limited during holidays.)

Easter: $25.00

Memorial Day: $25.00

Independence Day: $25.00

Labor Day: $25.00

Thanksgiving Day: $25.00

Christmas Eve from 6:00pm thru Christmas Day: $25.00

New Year's Eve from 6:00pm thru New Year's Day: $25.00


At Mercury, we never overbook our vehicles, the full rate of your trip will be charged to your account if you DO NOT notify us a least six (6) hours before your scheduled arrival or departure time.


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